You may not know this, but 2014 was one of the worst years of my life.

I lost my son in 2011.  That was the 2nd worst year of my life.  The worst year in my life wasIMG_0039 2012, which was when I figured out that my son was never, ever coming back. I know, you don’t get that.  I am glad you don’t. Hey, this is my son.  I don’t share a lot of pictures of him. He is intensely personal to me, and at the same time I want to show him off to everyone.

Alex was brilliant, but more importantly, he was the embodiment of kindness.  His best friend is on the autism spectrum.  He lives with me now, and he is going to college. Because Alex would have wanted me to take him into our family and love him. His friend didn’t receive a whole…

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